By Barbara Etherington, Director of Virtual Assistant Services

Surely you have now heard the news.  The legal profession is changing.  How legal services are delivered is changing.  Yet giving your clients your time and attention is still the driving factor in having a successful law practice.  Your time spent on this is irreplaceable.  So how do you find the time to do all of the administrative tasks required to manage and grow your practice in this changing environment?

Documents, correspondence, forms, lists, meetings, matter setups, procedures, reminders, research … and the list goes on.  You could do all those tasks yourself, if you have time and are good at all of it.  Or you could hire a part or full-time assistant.  But this puts you on the hook for a regular salary, payroll taxes, insurance, and benefits.  And there are added expenses for office space, computers, scanners, printers, and supplies.  Oh, and did I mention the time it would take you to find a qualified person and then train that person?  You could easily end up with a Mrs. Wiggins.  Ugh.

Having a relationship with a good virtual assistant makes your life much easier.  All of your administrative tasks are done remotely using the latest technology.  Your virtual assistant learns your style, how you like things done, when you want them done, and then does them for you.  You do not have to pay for office space, equipment, supplies, taxes or benefits.

Good virtual assistants are more than just support.  They are partners in your success.  Curo Legal’s Virtual Assistance team consists of experienced, skilled professionals.  They understand not only your practice but others’ practices as well.  You can use their experience and expertise along with Curo Legal’s Practice Operations and Technology teams to guide you through on-line tools and make sure you are taking advantage of new opportunities.

Armed with Curo Legal’s Virtual Assistance team, you can embrace the changes in how legal services are delivered and effortlessly grow your practice.

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