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A more efficient firm.

Better for your Team, better for your clients, better for your bottom line.

When you use the right technology in a smart way, you will spend less time on administrative or operational tasks.  That translates directly into increased productivity (read: revenue) for your firm.

Curo’s technology and operations audits help you maximize profits and strategize for success today and well into the future.

Want to please your clients?

We incorporate user-friendly technology into firms that will not only ease administrative and operational burdens, but will also create a better experience for clients.

Trust us, we’re nerd lawyers.

You spend your days writing briefs or closing deals — we spend our day researching and testing the latest technology for law firms and monitoring the ever-shifting landscape of the legal industry.

white_plus   Here’s how we can help

Launching a new firm is an exciting endeavor, but there are so many decisions to make.  From business model design to staffing to technology, it can be overwhelming.  Curo’s practice management experts are thought leaders on law firm business model design and technology, and we’re here to help.

Our New Firm Solution involves a thorough assessment of your business goals, planned staffing and growth, and technology needs.  We will offer you a written report with recommendations for the design of your firm’s business model and/or the most efficient way use technology in your law firm, depending on your needs.  We also have a team ready to help implement your firm’s technology infrastructure.  Curo can help ensure you have a fully-functioning and efficient turn-key operation from day one.

Has your firm hit its tolerance level with inefficient technology and processes?  We can help you rethink how your firm can run by offering a thorough assessment of current technology, workflow, pain points, and goals, including a review of your current tech spend.

Once we’ve completed our assessment, we will provide your firm with a written report with recommendations for the most efficient way to use technology in your law firm, including a proposed budget. We can then develop policies and streamlined workflows tailored to your firm’s particularities, and even implement your new tech infrastructure, including training on new technology, workflows, and policies.

Curo’s technology implementation specialists will work with you and your existing IT team to seamlessly move you to the cloud or to your new technology platforms.  From customizing your new software to overseeing the migration of all of your existing data, Curo makes sure the transition process disrupts your practice as little as possible.

The best technology in the world won’t do you any good if you don’t know how to use it.  Once we get you set up with your new technology, we’ll show you how best to use it based on your firm’s unique needs. We can also develop customized manuals for your firm to ensure consistent use of your technology across all users. Curo can also provide your firm with ongoing support, answering questions about your new software as they arise.

CuroLegal’s team includes several industry experts that have earned national awards and recognition for their work in innovating in the legal industry.  We are available to come to your law firm retreat or gathering to talk to your team about the evolving realities for the business of law and the part that technology is playing in a shifting legal market.

white_plus   Here’s how we do it

Our audits begin with an assessment of your pain points and goals. We will walk through your entire operations process and use of technology, including client intake, document storage, remote access, email and collaboration, practice and matter management, timekeeping, invoicing and billing.

This process typically includes some combination of attorney and staff interviews, a review of your current tech platforms and annual spend on technology, distribution of a custom-tailored survey for your staff, and/or on-site visits.

Depending on your needs and goals, we can also assess your broader firm overhead (staff, physical space, etc.).

With a full understanding of your frustrations and goals, we will develop thorough written recommendations for the introduction of new technology or repurposing and/or optimizing the use of your current technology.

This analysis will include a cost comparison of your current system versus the recommended strategy. We do not sell or resell the software we recommend — our recommendations are based on years of research and actual implementation to find the best software solutions to meet individual firms’ needs.

If you are using Curo to implement new software, Curo will act as project manager, coordinating all necessary parties and ensuring timely delivery of your solutions.  From vendors, IT personnel, firm management and staff, Curo will make sure all parties are working in sync.

As with all things technology, there can be unexpected surprises during the course of any project — issues with data formatting, vendor problems, or user error.  Curo’s job is to anticipate any such issues and to keep you fully apprised of the status of any project on a constant basis.  From the time you engage Curo until the time a project is fully wrapped, you will be in very regular communication with the Curo team members working with you.

We don’t stop at making recommendations. When you have selected a course of action for reengineering your firm, we will help you implement that strategy.

We can develop easy-to-use custom workflows and policies for your firm to ensure that all of your team members are using the technology in a uniform and efficient manner.

CuroLegal can set your entire team up on the platforms you choose and offers initial and ongoing training to ensure optimal use of the software. Our industry experts can even attend a firm gathering or retreat to talk about the changes with the goal of earning universal buy-in.

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