Ennis Britton Case Study


increase in revenue after first year of moving to the Cloud.


lawyer and staff satisfaction with new technology tools and processes.

“Working with Curo has really brought our practice to the next level, allowing us to scale easily, keep costs down, and operate with a significantly more efficient process.  The team at Curo was easy to work with and have the expertise we needed to successfully move to the cloud.”

-Bronston McCord, Managing Partner

The Problem:

Like many established firms, Ennis Britton had an aging technological infrastructure that was in imminent need of replacement. This included legacy software and an on-site server. Quotes for replacing the hardware were astronomical, especially because the Cincinnati-based firm was looking to expand into other cities, adding lawyers. At the time, the firm was not aware of options to avoid replacing the server infrastructure.

The Solution:

EB began working with CuroLegal to explore alternatives to the on-site legacy technology. The firm decided to move almost entirely to the cloud. A core cloud infrastructure of Clio, Box and Google for Work created a more cost-effective and modern way to operate the firm. The capital cost of replacing an expensive server was not necessary.

The Work:

CuroLegal worked with EB to make this transition a reality by:

1. Assessing their existing technology setup, workflows and firm culture to determine the best technology options to position the firm for its existing team, as well as growth in the future.

2. After a tech infrastructure was agreed upon, CuroLegal worked with the EB team and their outside IT service provider to migrate data to the new platforms. Curo also customized the set up based on existing and new workflows. All team members were trained in a fashion to fit the group and individual needs.

3. We continue to work with the firm to tweak and train as needed. This includes on-site work and remote solutions.

The Result:

EB has become a modern law firm that continues to do sophisticated work for its school district clientele. The lawyers have always been mobile, but now accessing information from anywhere in the world is as easy as as if they are in the office. Revenue has grown by 10% just after one year of being in the cloud. All team members are satisfied with the solutions and utilize them to collaborate internally and with clients.

The firm is positioned for continued growth and the cloud infrastructure allows them to explore new ways of serving clients much easier than a traditional infrastructure. It also positions the firm culture to include a spirit of adopting new ideas that keep it ahead of the curve.

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