Man-with-Calculator_14019945_s-ownedThis is Curo’s Accounting & Finance initial blog and we are thrilled to introduce ourselves and our service offerings.  Our Accounting & Finance Services Division is directed by a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) who likes to walk to the beat of a slightly different drum.  So, don’t get lost in the image of an awkward introverted person with a dark green visor who is methodically counting beans.

During the last few years, there have been a couple parallel and emerging issues.

  • A widespread need for outsourced and part-time      accounting services.
  • The emergence of “Software as a Service” (SaaS) and      cloud computing creating the potential for technology to disrupt existing      markets.

We partner with our clients, helping them maximize their financial wellbeing by providing exceptional quality services.  Our goal is to empower our clients by providing them with a working knowledge of the cloud-based technologies we use.

Curo’s Accounting & Finance Division offers business solutions ranging from virtual bookkeeping and accounting to outsourced CFO services.  The next natural question you’re probably asking is, “What is virtual bookkeeping and accounting and why should I be concerned about it?”  That’s a very good question.  I am sure you have all seen and read and heard about all the new cloud-based accounting software out there on the market.  It is a burgeoning area in technology today.  Why shouldn’t you buy the service or a desktop version of the accounting software and simply plug and play?

It is true the software is readily available to anyone who wants it.  The pertinent question to ask yourself is whether that software comes with a qualified bookkeeper or accountant and is backed by a CPA.  Will you be able to connect with a live and qualified professional when you have a question?  The beauty of Curo’s virtual accounting services is that we are focused on tailoring the service to your business needs.  In fact, we can help you discover those needs.  Using Curo’s outsourced CFO’s analytical
services can facilitate making better and more strategic business decisions.

What It Is

Outsourced (a.k.a. virtual) bookkeeping, accounting and CFO services tailored to your unique business needs.  Curo provides a dedicated live person as your accountant or bookkeeper and can even provide task automation.

  • The bookkeeping service handles most routine tasks, including recording and categorizing expenses, recording time worked on matters, posting entries to record income and reconciling bank accounts.
  • Our virtual accounting services include such services as balance sheet and profit and loss statement preparation.  They can assist you with or perform your monthly, quarterly and annual closing of the books to include adjusting entries.  They help assure your accounts are prepared in accordance with appropriate standards and can answer questions or highlight unexpected spikes in expenses.  Also, they can work with your tax accountant or auditor to assist with data collection or responding to questions.
  • Our premier service is that of a virtual CFO.  Your dedicated virtual CFO is there to analyze your monthly expenses and income, as well as prepare financial projections.  The CFO will interpret the results of those analyses and explain them to you in a way that makes sense and allows you, the business owner, to make more strategic decisions.

How It Works

After choosing to use Curo’s virtual accounting services, you meet by web video conferencing, phone or in person (if in the local area) with a Curo accountant, who will conduct an extensive interview to tailor services and accounting software applications to suit your needs and budget. Clients will typically connect their bank and credit card accounts through the accounting application, which allows them to securely and automatically transmit bank and credit cards transactions to the Curo accountant or bookkeeper.  All receipts and supporting documents — including check images and invoices — are sent to Curo.  Those can be sent two ways: scanned/photographed and e-mailed or scanned and uploaded to Curo via a secure document management system.  The accounting system will be updated with the new information and is available to the client when they need it.

What Is In It For You

As your business grows, your time is best spent on tasks other than accounting. You have so much competing for your attention, so Curo helps remove bookkeeping, accounting or financial analysis from the list of distractions.

What It Costs

Here is the true value a client will realize: Curo’s virtual bookkeeping, accounting and CFO services are customized to each client’s needs, budget and comfort.  Accordingly, the client is in the driver’s seat of determining the cost.  We can provide monthly services, which we believe will provide you the best value.  If your business only needs 10 hours of accounting services a month, then that is all you buy and pay. This eliminates the excess overhead many small business owners experience when hiring internal accounting staff.  We can also provide ad hoc services, as needed.  So, you only pay for what you need when you need it.

Give us a call and let us know how we can help you transition from being burdened with the headache and hassle of bookkeeping and accounting to getting down to business on your business!


To see more on the impact of technology on small businesses, see the following online article, Technology Driving Growth for Small Businesses.