Why Consider the Options to Staff Your Firm?

  • It may be risky to hire because of ebbs and flows in work
  • Expensive to hire and/or fire
  • Potential for malpractice if too overwhelmed
  • Lightens your load so you can focus on business development
  • Practice backup for vacations, leave, etc.
  • Your inability to be two places at once (i.e., hearing coverage, etc.)
  • Ability to create another profit center
  • Helps reduce costs for client

 Who Can You Find To Staff Your Firm?

  • Experienced attorneys choosing to work on a project basis for other lawyers
  • Attorneys to perform substantive legal work
  • Solo practitioners who want to fill in the lulls, parents who want to keep practicing law flexibly, semi-retired attorneys, or military spouses.

Other Things to Consider

  • Getting client consent
  • What are the insurance implications?
  • How do you handle conflicts?
  • Will you need to supervise your new hire?
  • Is fee splitting a concern?

Agile staffing can be a huge advantage for your firm, especially if you do it right!  Nicole Bradick presents an informative webinar, which will touch on all of these issues and more.  Register here!