An article written by CuroLegal’s Chief Strategy Officer Nicole Bradick was published on Solo Practice University today. According to Ms. Bradick:

The simplest, leanest, most cost-effective manner of staffing your firm is adopting a contingent staffing model.  You hire only when you need the help, so you don’t have to carry any overhead or have any uncertainty about whether an associate would be sufficiently productive.  Due to a confluence of market and societal factors, there is a ready availability of experienced attorneys who want to do work for other attorneys either as their preferred way of practicing law or as a supplement to other professional endeavors. These attorneys typically handle substantive work on a project basis for other attorneys – research and writing, transactional work, drafting briefs, motions, and other pleadings, managing discovery, covering hearings or depositions, etc.  They are the answer to your prayers.

You can read the full article here.