Given the increasing trend of law firms building their own software and now even building software for clients, Curo’s Nicole Bradick writes about whether this trend makes sense.  In “Law Firms as… Software Companies?”, Bradick suggests that this can be a treacherous route for most firms:

If other firms wish to follow suit, either to build tech for internal use or to build products for clients, here’s my advice: proceed very, very carefully. Probably only a handful of firms in the world have the ability to pull this off successfully with the right team, the right culture and the right structure.

This certainly doesn’t mean that your firm shouldn’t try to innovate—it absolutely should. I caution only against the attitude that anything and everything can be accomplished within existing law firm structures. If your firm wishes to pursue an initiative that involves software development, consider finding a partner and building it outside of your firm. Your IT department will very likely thank you for it.

Take a look at the full article and let us know your thoughts.