Mobile Devices: Smart Phone or Dumb Ethical Violation How You Can Lock Down Your Smart Phone in One Hour

June 20, 2014 1:00 – 2:00PM EST Free Webinar

Do you use mobile devices: an iPhone, Android or other smartphone to email clients, type notes, or review documents? Would you like to use a smartphone but worry about how to keep it secure? Will Harrelson gets right to the point in this webinar explaining the ethical case for protecting your client’s data, pointing out the specific mobile device management features that you should implement and providing examples of specific web-based software products and companies that offer cost-effective solutions that even the solo practitioner can afford.

Will Harrelson presents on: Smart Phone or Dumb Ethical Violation: How You Can Lock Down Your Smart Phone in One Hour. This informative webinar will be worth your time. Sign up today!