Arrangement benefits clients, hiring attorneys and freelance attorneys

Portland, ME and Dayton, OH – March 24, 2014 – Custom Counsel, a leading provider of freelance attorneys, and Curo Legal, a practice operations firm focused on creating greater efficiencies and profitability for law firms, announced today that they have entered into a strategic partnership to provide a flexible business model alternative for practicing attorneys.

“Freelancing allows skilled lawyers to do substantive legal work on their own terms,” said Custom Counsel founder, Nicole Bradick.  “Law firms, solo practitioners and in-house legal departments benefit by being able to plug in experienced freelancers Custom-Counsel-small-logowhen there is an overflow of work, deepening their bench without the additional overhead.”

Custom Counsel has a vast nationwide network of skilled attorneys available to provide legal services on an as-needed basis.  Custom Counsel’s freelance attorneys come from some of the best law firms in the country and have between 5 and 25 years of legal experience.

“Curo Legal and Custom Counsel share the same mission – to help solos and firms evolve their practices so that they stay lean and remain profitable,” says Bradick.  “We look forward to bringing our expertise in agile staffing to Curo’s forward-looking clients. Curo’s clients can turn to Custom Counsel to ably pitch in when the work load picks up, to engage local counsel, and/or to add subject matter specialists to fill gaps in their team.“

Curo Legal CEO Chad Burton says that partnering with Custom Counsel adds to their ability to help solos and small firms by building a foundation for handling workflow profitably, with both short- and long-term goals in mind.  “Having the ability to provide our solo and small-firm clients with additional benefits as it relates to effectively and profitably managing workload ties directly into our strategy,” Burton said.  “The model that Nicole has created with Custom Counsel just makes sense for so many reasons, and it is a perfect addition to the service offerings we have in place at Curo.”

About Custom Counsel

Custom Counsel was created in response to the changing needs of lawyers and law firms.  Over the last decade, solos and law firms have steadily increased their use of an agile staffing model, while seasoned lawyers have been seeking alternatives to the traditional way of practicing law.  Custom Counsel attorneys work hand in hand with practitioners who are seeking project-based legal services in a symbiotic relationship that benefits everyone involved – clients, hiring attorneys and freelance attorneys.

Custom Counsel was founded by Nicole Bradick in 2011.  You can find out more about Custom Counsel at, by calling 800-682-2550, or on twitter at @CustomCounsel.


About Curo Legal

Curo Legal was founded out of a desire to help legal professionals become more efficient and productive at serving their clients and developing a successful and fulfilling law practice. Curo seeks to empower lawyers to provide clients with the full value of their expertise without being weighed down by the stress of keeping up with administrative, technology, and other operational aspects of running a successful law practice.

Curo Legal offers advisory services and implementation support in the following areas:  Practice Operations, Discovery, Virtual Assistance, Technology, Marketing, Financial Services and Professional Development.

Curo Legal is based in Dayton, OH and was founded by Chad Burton and Stephanie Kimbro in 2012.  Visit Curo Legal at, email, call 1-800-406-7336 or follow on Twitter @CuroLegal.