The Veterans Legal Checkup application ( is making its rounds in the media this week.

The ABA Journal published an article on the application here including quotes from Curo Chief Strategy Officer, Nicole Bradick:

“There’s a misconception that the reason there is an access to justice gap in the U.S. is because people can’t afford lawyers,” Bradick told the ABA Journal in an interview. “One of the biggest components is that people don’t understand that a life problem they are having is a legal problem.” The online tool will help veterans identify issues and take action to resolve the problems.”

ALM’s LegalTech News also published an article about the application, available here. The author noted:

“To make the checkup as effective as possible, designers tried to make the information provided as actionable as possible. It’s certainly reflected in the tool, which features information chunked out chronologically and in small steps.”

Help us spread the word! The more veterans that know about this application, the more people we can help.