When we attended LSC’s TIG conference in San Antonio in January, one thing really stood out: There was almost no overlap between the for-profit legal tech world and the legal aid tech world.  These two groups have been operating in complete silos, which is a shame.  Legal tech can learn a lot from legal aid tech, and vice-versa.  We’ve also found that multiple groups around the country will spend their time building out essentially the same project or trying to solve the same problem, but no one’s talking.

Enter Slack.  Those of you already on Slack may have Slack team overload — we get it.  But for this purpose — for meeting, sharing, collaborating across many time zones — it really can’t be beat.

Curo has launched the A2J Tech and Design Collaborative.  The goal is to get people talking to each other in order to improve the products we’re releasing into the world.  If this sounds of interest, we hope you’ll join.

Just email us at info@curolegal.com, and we’ll send you an invite. We look forward to seeing you there!