CuroLegal is bringing our friends from around the country who are leaders in legal technology and innovation to the 2015 OSBA Legal Technology and Practice Management Conference on December 10 & 11 in Columbus, Ohio. 

Co-brand-Logo300x150-300x147The conference will include renowned industry experts from around the country, not only telling you how to build an efficient, modern firm, but actually showing you how. Plenary presentations on topics such as tech competency, marketing strategy, business plan development and firm workflow will be followed by hands-on workshops to actually implement what was learned, with onsite experts to assist. There is even a technology track focused entirely on teaching you how to use basic technology more efficiently. You will leave with all of the tools you need to launch a successful new firm, or to improve the firm you already have.

Some of the national speakers include Casey Flaherty, Adriana Linares, John E. Grant, Joshua Lenon,  Adam Camras, Ernest Svenson, Jason Marsh, and Brett Burney.

Also, CuroLegal team members Nicole Bradick, Chad Burton, Brandon Cogswell and Will Harrelson will be presenting on various modern law firm management and technology topics throughout the conference. 

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