CuroLegal today announces the launch of Hate Crime Help,, a web application designed to help victims and witnesses of hate crimes find the assistance they need.  Hate Crime Help was built by Curo in collaboration with Cisco Systems and American Bar Association’s Center for Innovation.

The development of the browser-based web application was prompted by the recent rise in hate crimes in the country and the lack of clear information in the public domain on hate crimes.  The goal of this application is to help users understand what hate crimes are (including the statutory scheme in their state), as well as options for responding to hate crimes. There is no cost to use the application, nor is there any cost for any of the resources found on the application.

According to Curo’s chief strategy officer, Nicole Bradick, “Technology gives us a unique ability to increase access to and understanding of the law. In light of the increased reports of hate crimes in this country in recent months, our goal is to provide clarity on the law and available resources, and to appropriately set expectations for what help is available from those resources.”

“Cisco believes in the power of technology to break down barriers to information for those who need it most,” said Mark Chandler, Senior Vice President and General Counsel, Cisco. “With CuroLegal and the ABA, we’re creating better access for people who may have been victimized by a hate crime to get the information they need. Cisco stands for inclusion, and we are proud to partner on building an application that protects and defends victims of hate crimes.”

Resources in the application are displayed based on a user’s input about the type of incident they experienced, as well as their location.  Users receive information on their local law enforcement and other government resources, non-profits that may be able to assist them, and information about places to report the incident. For each resource, the user is provided information about what to expect when contacting that particular organization. 



Users can also use the app to gain a basic understanding of hate crimes laws, with a side-by-side look at state versus federal law.

This initial release of Hate Crime Help will be expanded upon to provide additional help, including features that will help communities prepare for and respond to hate incidents.