The American Bar Association announced the Governing and Advisory Council members as well as the special advisors for the newly formed ABA Center for Innovation in Chicago. The Center for Innovation was designed to position the ABA as a leader of the legal profession’s efforts to increase access to justice and improve the delivery of services to the public through innovative programs and initiatives. It will serve as a resource for ABA members, maintaining an inventory of the ABA’s innovation efforts as well as the efforts of the domestic and international legal services community. The center will also operate a program of innovative fellowships to work with other professionals, such as technologists, entrepreneurs, and design professionals, to create models that improve the justice system.

The governing and advisory council members include leaders from the legal profession and business community, the judiciary, and legal education, as well as young lawyers, technology experts and other legal service innovators, including non-lawyers.

To see the complete list of governing board and advisory council members, click here.

CuroLegal’s Chad Burton was appointed Chair of the Law Practice Futures Initiative. Nicole Bradick was appointed to the following ABA Law Practice Division committees: Law Practice Futures Initiative, Law Technology Resource Center, and Legal Project Management.

Editor’s Note: This above are excerpts from the ABA’s press release as linked above.