An article written by Custom Counsel CEO Nicole Bradick was published on Clio’s blog today.  In “Alternative Sourcing as a Means to an Agile End,” Ms. Bradick surveys the economic realities of modern law firms and outlines the case for contingent staffing models.  According to Ms. Bradick:

Alternative sourcing is on the rise as a result of a confluence of several factors, and supply is certainly keeping up with demand. The current independent talent pool looks drastically different than it did even a decade ago. The ready availability of high-level flex talent at reasonable rates is phenomenal. In addition to the temp agencies that have existed for a long time to offer low-cost contract attorneys, there are now organizations offering high-end flex attorneys, both domestically and abroad. New law firm models are successfully reducing the hourly rates of lawyers, making co-sourcing and seconding from these firms an attractive staffing option. Tasks like document review, due diligence, legal research, project management, and litigation support can be easily outsourced to companies focused exclusively on these tasks. There are countless options out there, and clients are getting more and more comfortable with firms accessing these options, especially when they see the difference in their legal bills.

You can read the full article here.