LawHUB Case Study

The Problem:

The New York State Bar Association came to CuroLegal with a simple mission:  To develop a modern, meaningful, groundbreaking member benefit that will create real value for its members in an effort to maintain existing membership and to attract new, and particularly younger, bar members.  Curo and NYSBA, along with sponsor USI, shared a vision for the evolution of bar associations as an extension of a lawyer’s practice, and knew they needed to build something that would improve the lives of NYSBA members.

The Solution:

Together, Curo and NYSBA developed the concept for the LawHUB – a single-source platform for a lawyer to manage his or her practice by having quick and seamless access to a) relevant (read: curated) bar content, b) third-party technology tools that are essential for a lawyer’s day-to-day practice, c) the ability to network with colleagues in the bar, and d) access to robust practice management resources.

The Work:

Curo and NYSBA worked as a team through four principle phases:


Concept Refinement and Design 
The team worked together to refine the concept of the HUB, developing and improving upon initial sketches, wireframes, and sitemaps in order to plan out every detail of the platform at the start.


Working very closely with NYSBA’s internal IT experts, Curo’s team developed the platform using cutting edge tools to maximize the performance of the application.


Curo assisted NYSBA’s marketing and PR teams on the rollout plans, marketing and PR in order to ensure a smooth launch of the application and a big splash for a product deserving of attention.


Post-launch Product Development and Refinement 
The work never stops after a launch.  Through a process of careful user testing and feature updates, Curo continues to work hand in hand with NYSBA to improve existing features and add new features with the singular goal of continual value-add for members.

The Result:

At its Annual Meeting in January 2016, NYSBA announced the launch of the LawHUB, a first-of-its-kind offering among bar associations.  NYSBA’s members expressed overwhelming excitement over the new offering, eagerly signing up and offering new ideas for the platform.  The features in the initial release are just the beginning — LawHUB will undergo continual development, based in substantial part on the feedback of its members. Curo has continued to work with NYSBA to develop and improve the platform, adding additional features to increase the value of the LawHUB to its members across demographics, practice areas, and practice settings.

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