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CuroLegal and the ABA understand the needs of today’s solo and small firm lawyer to build dynamic and inventive law practices. ABA Blueprint is our solution to the increasingly-difficult process for solo and small firm lawyers to seek law practice management help and choose helpful solutions.

Relevant Questions. Custom Solutions.

ABA Blueprint 2.0 will feature an intelligent system utilizing machine learning technology to lead solo and small firm lawyers through a law practice management audit that improves as more users provide responses. As a result, Blueprint will provide customized recommendations based on each user’s current practices, implemented tools, and requirements.

Helpful Content.

Recommendations are best with context. ABA Blueprint will offer articles on law practice management authored by the nation’s leading bloggers and technologists as well as recognized practitioners.

Many Providers. One Community.

Our exclusive Slack community is a benefit that only ABA Blueprint providers will be able to access. Providers will have access to early product announcements, bar association leaders, and user feedback. Join for the chance to form new collaborations and strategic partnerships.

white_plus   Frequently Asked Questions:

This FAQ should address the most pertinent questions that may come up regarding our expansion to include additional legal tech products, outsourced services, and consultants. However, if you have other questions, please email us at:

What is ABA Blueprint? is a web application, operated by the ABA and CuroLegal, focused on helping solo lawyers and small firms run modern and efficient law practices. A new form of a practice management tool, Blueprint improves traditional bar association discount offerings by making custom software and service recommendations to users (ABA members) based on individualized responses.

Upon receiving their individualized responses, users will receive unique discount codes to be used on landing pages that each product or service builds for Blueprint leads.

Though most of the application is an automated system, we do offer a live chat tool in order to answer user’s questions.

What is different from the initial version launched by Linda Klein as ABA President?

Blueprint 1.0 provided custom recommendations based on a conditional logic workflow and included only a limited set of providers. This version (Blueprint 2.0) builds upon the initial concept of providing custom recommendations but leverages more complex technology, including artificial intelligence and machine learning. We are also working on implementing blockchain aspects for future use cases.

Additionally, we have opened Blueprint to new providers that serve solo and small firm lawyers, subject to an application process. These new providers can offer various software tools, outsourced products, and consulting services.

There will also be a consumer-driven ratings system that will help differentiate solutions and educate the users on their options.

Finally, we have created a Slack community for all of the Blueprint providers (more information on the Slack community is provided in these FAQs).

Why does Blueprint offer only one recommendation per category?

This distinction is what sets Blueprint apart from other bar discount programs. Blueprint is designed to help the user filter all the potential options and focus on the available offerings that fit their specific needs to improve their firm. Essentially, Blueprint automates the initial phase of the consulting process.

The user can still review all potential offerings in Products by Category listings. Also, although the Tailored Solutions feature will provide a single recommendation in each category, the application will also include a link to other related products. Our user feedback based on Blueprint 1.0 demonstrates that users still want a single recommendation but also want the option to compare that recommendation against similar offerings.

How are the recommendations made?

Providers will be offered to users on Blueprint through two features:

(1) The Blueprint Bot: Certain providers may be recommended to users upon the completion of a series of questions related to their law practice. The bot feature limits recommendations to specific solutions and content based on each user’s specific needs (either adding a product to fill a specific need or replacing an existing product). Blueprint doesn’t make recommendations for the sake of pushing products – instead, each recommendation is made based on a review of the holistic view of each user’s practice, which means a recommendation between two similar products might hinge on a single specific feature or integration given the most weight by the user. On the other hand, if the user is content with some or all of their technology products or services, Blueprint adapts and recommends additional solutions that fit within their existing ecosystem.

(2) The Resource Center: This feature provides each Provider with a listing so each user can perform their own individual research based on the listed features, integrations, prices, and reviews.

Why do I need to provide a unique discount offer for Blueprint?

Blueprint is a unique program so it deserves special offerings from participants. This can be offered by way of a deeper discount than is offered to other bar associations, free training (which normally is an add-on offering), or, among other options, a unique package (a concept that was successfully offered to users of Blueprint 1.0).

Who is eligible to be a provider?

Providers must meet the following criteria to be eligible:

  1. Offer one of the following products or services: legal technology, marketing, or productivity software, marketing consulting services, malpractice insurance carriers, outsourced contractor services (e.g. freelance attorneys, paralegals, assistants, receptionists, etc.), and/or technology consultants who legitimately serve the solo / small firm attorney market.
  2. Agree to the ABA Blueprint Provider Agreement, including completing the Blueprint Application and paying the annual participation fee.

CuroLegal reserves the right to reject the application of a potential provider based on not meeting these qualifications.

When does the new version of Blueprint launch?

November 2018.

How does the application process work?

It’s easy! Providers must follow this simple process:

  1. Complete this form and agree to the ABA Blueprint Provider Agreement
  2. We will review your application and send you an email if we have any additional questions.
  3. Once approved, you will receive an email with an invoice for your payment.
  4. Upon receipt of your payment, you will receive your invite to the Slack community and a link for you to provide further information so we can build your Blueprint product page.

That’s it!

What is the participation fee?

The participation fee charged for each product or service added to Blueprint is based on the following qualifications:

Provider Qualifications Annual Fee
Provider has served paid customers with its product or service for 1 or more years $5,000 fee for one product

($1,000 discount for each additional product)

(Example: $9,000 for two products and $12,000 for three products)

Provider has served paid customers with its product or service for less than 1 year $2,500 fee for one product

($1,000 discount for each additional product)

(Example: $4,000 for two products and $4,500 for three products)

Why is there an annual participation fee?

This isn’t your grandpappy’s bar discount program – Blueprint isn’t just a simple website listing discounted solutions. The fee supports the administration, development and marketing of Blueprint as it continues to grow and develop.

For example, Blueprint 2.0 leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide users with recommended solutions, content and help to implement such solutions based on the particular needs of the individual. We will also introduce components of blockchain technology in future product rollouts. These developments require substantial resources and community investment.

We are also creating and managing a community where technology and service providers for solo and small from lawyers can learn and collaborate with each other, consultants, and bar association representatives and staff.

Unlike most bar discount programs, Blueprint Providers do not pay royalties or bounties on sales through the application. This decision eliminates even the perception of bias surrounding the recommended solutions.

Why do you require a separate fee per product or service offering?

Quite simply, it is because Blueprint doesn’t recommend a company – it recommends relevant tailored solutions for each user. Some companies offer one product or service. Others offer multiple options that may not all turn up in a particular user’s recommendations.

However, there is no separate fee for multiple pricing tiers of one core software solutions. For example, if a company offers one software product with three different price points depending on which feature sets are selected, we will only charge a single fee. On the other hand, if a single company offers practice management software as a product but also offers website creation services as a separate product, each of these solutions would be subject to the fee.

If you have any questions about your offerings, please email us at:

Where can I find the ABA Blueprint Provider Agreement?

You can review it here.

What is the Blueprint Slack Community?

The Blueprint Slack Community is an exclusive benefit for Blueprint providers. We will seek feedback, answer questions, and share announcements about upcoming features in the Slack channel. It also can serve as a place for providers to collaborate with each other and share ideas. You may form your next strategic alliance or realize the necessity of a new integration because of conversations in this community.

Other bar associations (state, local and specialty bars) are interested in offering Blueprint to their members. Representatives from those groups will also be present in the Blueprint Slack Community and will be available for direct conversations.

What if I have other questions?

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